A lot of fonts are included in the Pen-Ji Pack.
"YOzFontN", "YOzFont", "YOzFontA", "YOzFontC" and "YOzFontE" have all the same
letters except hiragana and katakana letters.
Therefore, these will look like all the same fonts if you do not use Japanese.
o "04" -- Based on "JIS X 0213:2004". This font contains the 10000 or more
  chinese characters.
o "meiryo compatible" -- based on JIS 0213:2004, Propotional (without Japanese
  character) and Wide line pitch
o "97" -- Based on "JIS X 0208:1997". This font contains the 6000 or more
  chinese characters. As for this font, Griph of a part of Chinese character is
  different from "04" fonts.
o JIS: Japan Industrial Standards
  • This is a translation of Automatic Installer.


Rogue is a dungeon crawling computer game dating from 1980. It proved extremely
popular on college Unix systems in the early to mid-1980s and inspired a class
of derivatives known collectively as "roguelikes". Among others, a few of its
notable members are Moria, NetHack, Angband, and ADOM. The roguelike genre
inspired numerous later games, such as Diablo.
    Rogue (computer game)
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I distribute the programs to match the following conditions.

  • These source programs can be compiled with GCC and NCurses of Windows Cygwin or Linux.
  • These programs are the complete text version.
  • These programs never need an installation work. You can play as soon as you unzip this package.
2021-10-18 update (CCYY-MM-DD)

o Original version

Maintenance Version


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